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Type: Dogs

Size: S 43*32*0.2CM,L 66*43*0.2CM

Product Name 4: Quick-Drying Towel

Product Name 3: Multifunctional Pet Towel

Product Name 2: Pet Absorbent Towel

Product Name 1: PVA Imitation Deerskin Absorbent Towel

Origin: CN(Origin)

Material: PVA Imitation Deerskin

Features: Quick-Drying, Durable, Non-Sticky

Color: Pink, Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow

Brand Name: Tsbrtfeo

A Grade Pet PVA Imitation Deerskin Absorbent  Towel Double-Sided Smooth Pet Absorbent Towel Quick-Drying Super Absorbent Multifunctional Pet Towel
Name: Multifunctional PVA Faux Deerskin Absorbent Towel
Material: PVA Imitation Deerskin
Color: Pink, Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow
Specification: Small 43*32*0.2CM
                        Large 66*43*0.2CM
Features: Quick-drying, Soft, Anti-fouling, Convenient, Durable, Fast Water Absorption, Non-sticky Hair

1. When it is newly opened, please wash the product with clean water for 10 seconds to remove the moisturizer, wring out and use.
2. This product is hard and lumpy when it dries, and it will become soft when it is soaked in water before use, and it can be used after wringing out.
3. Please put this product in a ventilated place when not in use. If you need to use it continuously, put it in this packaging jar to keep it soft.

Read Before Use:
When using, put the imitation deerskin towel in clean water (preferably cold water) for 30 seconds to soften it before using it.
After drying, the imitation deerskin towel will automatically remove the moisture and become hard. This is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the use.

The size and weight are measured by the actual product, and there may be some large errors (±0.3cm/±3g); the product pictures are all taken in kind, and there may be a slight color difference with the actual product. Subject to the actual product received, please pay attention to this item!

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